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OVIKLO International installs drinking water system

OVIKLO International installs drinking water system for rural school in NC Province.

OVIKLO International is a leading player in the Logistic Solutions Provision sector in Sri Lanka. Its customised services are extended to leading brands in a multitude of sectors including, telecommunication, automotive, FMCG, pharma and health, manufacturing, etc.

As an ISO certified company OVIKLO delivers holistic logistic service and has managed to earn a stellar reputation for excellence in the fields of warehousing, transport, value added services and project cargo management. This commitment to excellence resulted in OVIKLO winning the National Business Excellence Award for the Logistics and Transport sector in 2014.

OVIKLO attributes its continued success to its highly skilled and well-trained staff and management, an efficient process driven mechanism to all its operations, as well as the latest technology for the most cost-effective operation.

The company brings the same degree of innovation and fervor to its community outreach programs as it does to its business operations. The most recent such Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) venture involved re-venturing in to the Palugasweva DS area in Anuradhapura.

OVIKLO was instrumental in installing a water access system in a rural school, struggling to provide access to clean water to its staff and students. With assistance of Divisional secretary in Palugaswewa, was able to identify the Galapitagala Vidyalaya in Palugaswava, a school that was enduring considerable hardship as a result of its exceedingly limited access to fresh, clean water. Before the initiatives, the 180 students and 16 staff members of the Galapitagala School had access to a single tube well to fulfil their water requirements.

Commenting on the OVIKLO International contribution to the Galapitagala Vidyalaya, School Principal Nalini Damayanthi stated, “Our students come from families with very severe financial and social difficulties. Therefore unlike many main district schools, we can expect very little support from the parents to maintain the school infrastructure and facilities. Our water problem was very severe previously so parents who lived close by had to bring water in pots every day in the morning for the children to use during mealtimes. A little while later we were able to install a tube well to access running water in the school. However the water was often full of grit and couldn’t be used to drink.

“Today, thanks to the good work they did in the school our well is renovated, we have a new water pump, and many taps located around the school compound. The water that our 200 students use now is clean and drinkable. The children are happier and no time is wasted queuing for water at one tube well anymore – so there is more time for learning and play. As a community we have benefited greatly from this initiative and we are very grateful to OVIKLO for giving us the gift of clean water.”

The OVIKLO CSR team used its expertise to install a sustainable water access system through a robust tap line system and additionally, donated notice boards, a first aid box and educational materials, as required by the deserving students at the school

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OVIKLO brings relief to Palugaswewa

OVIKLO brings relief to Palugaswewa.

(Colombo, Lankapuvath) – For several months North Central Province was facing extreme drought weather conditions. Residents of the province were experiencing much difficulty owing to scarcity of drinking water. Water levels in the tanks were decreasing rapidly and lacked enough capacity to supply water for paddy cultivation.

In this backdrop OVIKLO CSR team identified supply of drinking water and dry rations as a dire need of the population in the area. Identified village is “Galapitagala” in the Palugaswewa Divisional secretariat area North –Central province.

The entire team at OVIKLO, suppliers and friends joined hands in implementing this community Service. Selection of beneficiaries for the OVIKLO CSR programme was handled by Palugaswewa Divisionla Secretariat under the guidance of Divisional Secretary Mr. A B W Kumarasinghe. Following a rapid needs assessment more than 200 families were qualified asdirect beneficiaries of the project. A ceremonial gathering was organized at the “Devagiri Raja Maha Viharaya” of famous “Ritigala Kanda” and OVIKLO team received a warm welcome from villagers.

Management team of OVIKLO staff members took part in the event. A spokesman for OVILKO stated that the most noteworthy point in this project is that OVILKO has diverted their annual outgoing budgeted funds for this CSR segment named as “Samaja Sathkara”

OVIKLO International is planning to contribute towards the development of “Galapitagala” village with distribution of valuable plants among villagers, by offering employment opportunities for those unemployed and to enhance the capacity of the primary school, temple and hospital of the village. Support from OVIKLO will definitely enhance the quality of life in “Galapitagala” in the years to come.


OVIKLO Green Orange Vesak Dansala

OVIKLO Green Orange Vesak Dansala.

As part of the annual social calendar OVIKLO International leading logistic service provider organised ‘Natural Sri Lankan Green Orange’ Vesak Dansala recently at their main warehouse complex in Biyagama. The initiative was held for the first time spearheaded by the OVIKLO Cross Functional Team along with the support and backing of OVIKLO employees and management.


OVIKLO International builds eco-friendly children’s park

OVIKLO International builds eco-friendly children’s park.

OVIKLO International (Pvt) Ltd, a warehousing and logistic service provider, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for this year constructed an eco-friendly children’s park with all amenities within the new Biyagama police station premises, following a request by the police traffic unit.