OVIKLO had been incorporated CPD-37by well experienced management in the field of logistics to cater the demanding needs of the solution based logistics market. Currently that experience has been merged with the industry professionals to deliver you high performance.

OVIKLO deliver you almost all of the logistics services required and it has earned the industry faith in the fields of Warehousing, transport and distribution, project cargo management and value added services and also OVIKLO has succeeded in providing integrated customized solutions.

Currently one of the leading player for providing logistics solutions in customised manner including some leading brands from almost all industry verticals such as Telecommunication, FMCG, Manufacturing, Automobile and so on.

OVIKLO’s success factor lies between the well trained people, process driven mechanism to its operation and the technology for cost reduction. For instance cloud based online solutions to modified advanced material handling equipment which deliver the high performance to client’s requirements. OVIKLO perform is aligned with ISO 9001:2015 which provide the solid evidence for its governance and its operation mechanism is robust, auditableand to deliver customer satisfactions.

Today logistics demand is challenging and diversified, customers may have different requirements with specific standards which run in different scales; but OVIKLO has the capacity to cater your logistics demands to the required scale to the specific standard at right time and also for the right cost.